Find 2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In Dubai Marina

2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular areas for apartment living in Dubai, offering a scenic waterfront location, great amenities, and a lively atmosphere. For those looking for a spacious 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina in this vibrant neighborhood, Casttio Properties has an excellent selection to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of living in a 2 bedroom Dubai Marina apartment and give an overview of what Casttio Properties has to offer.

Benefits of a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Dubai Marina

  1. More space:  An obvious benefit of a 2 bedroom over a 1 bedroom apartment is simply having more room. The extra bedroom provides flexibility, allowing it to be used as a guest room, home office, etc. More space means less clutter and more comfortable living.
  2. Investment potential: Larger units like 2 bedrooms tend to have higher rental yields and better resale value compared to smaller units. Investors may be interested in a Dubai Marina 2 bedroom for the strong investment prospects.
  3. Great community amenities: Dubai Marina offers extensive community facilities like gyms, pools, playgrounds for children, retail outlets, and more. With a 2 bedroom unit, the whole family can enjoy these amenities.
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In Dubai Marina
2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In Dubai Marina

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Overview of Casttio Properties’ 2 Bedroom Listings

Casttio Properties currently has a range of 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, giving buyers plenty of options to find a unit that matches their requirements and budget.

There are 2 bedroom units available in popular buildings like Marina Promenade, Marina Quays, Marina Wharf, and more. The apartments come in a choice of mid and high floor units with views of the marina or city skyline from the balcony or windows.

The properties are designed with open concept living/dining areas, two en-suite bedrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. Most buildings have amenities like gyms, swimming pools, retail areas, and parking facilities. The locations offer easy access to the beach, marina walkway, restaurants, and supermarkets.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about buying 2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In Dubai Marina:

What is the average price range for a 2 bedroom in Dubai Marina?

  • Prices can vary greatly depending on the specific building, apartment size, amenities, views, etc. But on average, 2 bedrooms in Dubai Marina sell for 1.5 – 4 million AED.

Are 2 bedrooms a good investment in Dubai Marina?

  • Yes, 2 bedrooms typically have higher rental yields and resale values compared to smaller 1 bedroom units in the area, making them a smart long-term real estate investment.

What amenities do 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina have?

  • Most buildings offer amenities like gyms, pools, lobby areas, parking, 24-hour security. Some may also have retail shops, cafes, playgrounds, and access to the Dubai Marina walkway.

Do 2 bedroom units in Dubai Marina allow pets?

  • Pet policies can vary building to building. Many do allow residents to keep small pets like cats and small dogs. Always check the specific pet policy before renting or buying.

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For those looking for spacious 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina, Casttio Properties has a great selection of units in prime buildings across various budget ranges. The additional bedroom provides versatility and the properties come with great community facilities. For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact Casttio Properties today to find your perfect Dubai Marina 2 bedroom apartment.

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