Discovering The Best Places to Live in Sharjah

The Best Places to Live in Sharjah

Looking for the best place to live in Sharjah? This guide covers some of the top neighborhoods and communities that make Sharjah an excellent place to live in the UAE. With a range of amenities, attractions, and affordable living costs, Sharjah has many ideal spots for expats and residents.

The Best Places to Live in Sharjah

Sharjah is an excellent place to call home in the UAE. It offers a more affordable cost of living compared to nearby Dubai, while still providing high-quality amenities and a comfortable lifestyle. Here is an overview of the most popular areas for expats and residents to live in Sharjah.

Al Nahda – A Popular and Affordable Community

Al Nahda is one of the most popular areas for families and expats looking for an affordable community to live in Sharjah. Located in the eastern part of Sharjah city, it contains shops, restaurants, schools, clinics, and other conveniences within easy reach. The neighborhood has a busy, lively atmosphere with residents from many different nationalities. Apartment prices typically range from 40,000 to 60,000 AED per year. For those searching for a well-rounded Sharjah community at a reasonable price, Al Nahda is hard to beat.

Average Price per Square Meter: 1,800-2,200 AED

Muweileh – Peaceful Living with Amenities

Muweileh is a top choice in Sharjah for those prioritizing a peaceful residential atmosphere. Though set away from the city bustle, it still provides easy access to large supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and retail outlets. The quiet, family-friendly neighborhood is ideal for villas and townhouses, which rent for 70,000 to 150,000 AED annually. The area is popular among middle-class locals and expat families looking for tranquility.

Average Price per Square Meter: 1,700-2,500 AED

The Best Places to Live in Sharjah al majaz
Best Places to Live in Sharjah

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Al Majaz – Upscale Waterfront Living

Situated along the beautiful Khalid Lagoon, Al Majaz offers some of Sharjah’s most desirable waterfront living. The famous Sharjah Musical Fountain is located here. With scenic views and a laidback atmosphere, Al Majaz gives residents plenty of parks, playgrounds, and landscaped spaces to enjoy. Villas with water views can cost 200,000 to 300,000 AED per year, catering to those looking for upscale living.

Average Price per Square Meter: 2,200-3,800 AED

Al Taawun – Local Vibe and Family Friendly

Al Taawun has excellent accessibility to schools, mosques, healthcare, and shopping centers. With its shaded parks, playgrounds, and amenities tailored to families, it’s a popular choice for an authentically local Emirati lifestyle. Mid-range apartments and townhouses rent for about 60,000 to 100,000 AED annually. For family-friendly living immersed in Emirati culture, Al Taawun is hard to top.

Average Price per Square Meter: 1,800-2,500 AED

Al Khan – Historic Sharjah Charm

Al Khan, situated along the iconic Sharjah Creek, appeals most to those who enjoy culture, history, and heritage. With museums, galleries, cafes, shops, and souks, it’s one of Sharjah’s most historic districts. Rents are very affordable, with small apartments going for 40,000 AED per year. For charm and character, Al Khan offers an unmatched Sharjah living experience.

Average Price per Square Meter: 1,500-2,200 AED

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Al Jazzat

Al Jazzat offers a peaceful, residential setting along the coast. Villas and townhouses are common, often with waterfront views. Properties range from mid-range to luxury, with prices from 2,200 – 4,500 AED per square meter. Limited availability due to high demand. Well-suited for families looking for suburban living within proximity to Sharjah City.


Halwan offers a mix of low to mid-range apartments and townhouses, typically 1,500 – 2,200 AED per square meter. Occupied by middle-income residents, commuters, and some expat families. Easy access to amenities with more affordable pricing makes it a livable budget choice.

Al Falaj

Al Falaj is a newer suburban community near Sharjah’s southern border with relaxed, contemporary living. Villas and townhouses with 3-5 bedrooms are widely available from 2,200 – 4,000 AED per square meter. Popular with well-off families who value amenities like landscaped parks, schools, and shopping.

Sharjah has diverse options when determining the best place for you to live. With this overview of top neighborhoods for amenities, activities, affordability, and lifestyle, you can find a community that aligns with your needs and desires. From picturesque landscapes to modern developments, cultural vibrancy to family-friendly activities, Sharjah provides something for everyone. Don’t miss call Us Now ..

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